In line with FCPC’s Mission and Vision, and in the spirit of the Commission on Higher Education’s academic thrust, FCPC research is institutionalized and all staff and faculty members, as well as students, are encouraged to undertake research work that would assist them in understanding the factors that contribute to a below performance of learners – effectively engaging our students with the appropriate learning curves and methods.

These researches enable our instructors to formulate strategies, techniques, and approaches to overcome these weaknesses, and maximize the efficiency of resources to pursue FCPC’s high standard in education.Hence, the end agenda of FCPC’s research is to recommend solutions to the pressing matters that hinder reforms – which are essential for progress – and thus, the quality of life. All of which is cored at FCPC’s goal to better the lives of the denizens of San Jose del Monte and the nation at large.

Research Agendas (2019-2024)

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