Every student is unique. Each individual has his or her own qualities, strengths, talents, and skills needed to work on. There is no “one-size-fits-all” diagnosis and solution for each academic difficulty that a student faces while in school – likewise, no size fits all for the cultivation of their minds and bodies. Our instructors, teachers, and professors at FCPC assess each and every student’s performance in order to provide appropriate challenges for them to overcome and develop their strengths.


By 2012, the Department of Education established the K-12 program as the national standard for basic education. The program hopes to strengthen early childhood education, contextualizing real-life problem-solving for the students by enhancing the curriculum, and developing skills proficiency in numerous fields. The K-12 program sets up an additional two years of schooling as opposed to the old basic education program of ten years, making the twelve total primary and secondary schooling full to the brim with added skills for the graduates to utilize in the world after school.

The following is a list of the offerings by FCPC’s Basic Education Program:

  1. Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School (with Special Science Classes)
  2. Senior High School Tracks and Strands
    • Academic
      1. General Academic Strand (GAS)
      2. Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
      3. Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS)
      4. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand (STEM)
    • Technical-Vocational
      1. Home Economics
      2. Tourism Promotion Services (NC II)
      3. Front Office Services (NC II)
      4. Beauty/Nail Care (NC II)
      5. Bread and Pastry Production (NC II)
      6. Food and Beverage Services (NC II)
      7. Hair Dressing (NC II)
      8. Cookery (NC II)
      9. Commercial Cooking (NC II)
      10. Caregiving (NC II)
    • Information and Communication Technology
      1. Contact Center Services (NC II)
      2. Computer Hardware Servicing (NC II)
      3. Technical Drafting (NC II)
    • Agriculture and Fishery Arts
      1. Crop Production (NC II)
      2. Organic Agriculture (NC II)
    • Arts and Design
      1. Performing Arts
      2. Visual Arts


FCPC started to offer education at the Tertiary level upon popular request by its beloved community. By 2004, the school opened its first Collegiate courses for the Bachelor of Science in Education, with specializations in English, Science, and Mathematics. The first graduates of the programs would be the next members of FCPC’s faculty, forming the backbone of the school as it stands today. Now, the Collegiate level grows ever larger, with about 1400 college students enrolled in the school – and more incoming as FCPC’s K-12 program produces its first batches of high-quality, well-educated students ready to take on the College mantle.

The following is a list of the offerings by FCPC’s College Degree Programs:

  1. College of Accountancy
    • BS Accountancy
    • BS Internal Auditing
    • BS Management Accounting
    • BS Accounting Information System
  2. College of Allied Medicine
    • BS Biology
    • BS Nursing
    • BS Midwifery
    • Diploma in Midwifery
  3. College of Business Management
    • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • BS Tourism Management
    • BS Office Management
  4. College of Criminal Justice
    • BS Criminology
  5. College of Education
    • Bachelor of Elementary Education
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education
    • Certificate in Teaching Education
    • Bachelor of Physical Education
    • Bachelor of Technology & Livelihood Education
  6. College of Computer Studies
    • BS Computer Science
    • BS Information System
    • BS Information Technology w/ CISCO Program
  7. College of Liberal Arts
    • BA Communication
    • BA Political Science
    • BS Psychology
    • BA Psychology
  8. College of Engineering
    • BS Civil Engineering
  9. Technical-Vocational Education
    • Bookkeeping
    • Customer Service
    • Micro-finance Technology
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