by Lyka Michaella Escanilla

Graduates of the FCPC College of Nursing passed the Nursing Licensure Examination, November 17-18, 2018. They are Jenie Fontanilla, RN.,Cherry Eia Perez, RN., and Quiarra Maeve Bie, RN. This will be another legacy to our school to prove that we are not just the FIRST but also the BEST.

December 2018 when PRC released the lists of passers for the NLE. For almost one month of waiting for the result, the nervousness in their changed to be blessed for the new beginning of their lives.

According to one of the nursing graduates, Jenie Fontanilla, RN., it took them months including their fourth year in college to prepare for this much awaited examination. They really prayed every time they’re having their review and they even answered many sample questions for them to be familiarized with the board exam.

“All the sleepless nights and sacrifices are all worth it!”, she said.

In addition to that, the Dean of the College of Nursing, Sir John Flores was on cloud nine when he saw the list of passers, most especially the names of his students.

“These students really deserved this kind of blessing in their lives”, he added.

Moreover, after knowing the result, these three new registered nurses had their own way of celebrating the good news, and truly they said that many opportunities come in their lives.

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