by Rose Marie Oblianda

The Physical Plant and Facilities was established 2018 headed by Engineer Paolo Fonollera to focus the waste management in First City Providential College.

Based on the recently researched conducted by PPF Department, there were about 1 ton of garbage that were collected in campus. Estimated 900 to 100 kilograms of garbage, mostly plastic bottles and papers.

“Regarding the garbage, our school have the congregation area where we put up and stock all the collected garbage in a day, then once in a week the local government collects it.” Engineer Paolo Fonollera said.

Since plastic bottle is one of the big contributors to the garbage of the school Engr. Fonollera is about to introduce the bamboo straws and bring your own containers to the students.

This will help the campus to be zero-waste or lessen the waste and get rid the one-time use of plastics. The plan was together with the science department.

According to Fonollera, “In due time they will introduce this when it is already approved by the heads of the school. This plan of the PPF department think that in future of all their plans are good because Our plans do not just focus to the development of the institution, but our small plans can ripple into something big.”

FCPC also adopted the R.A 9003, wherein the PPF department practiced the segregation of trash with three separate bins labeled as biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and the recyclable.

“We are giving students different programs like seminars and orientations to keep them knowledgeable about the waste management together with the science department they help in disseminating the information about waste management to the students and even with the faculties they keep them educated regarding the waste management especially the segregation of trash,” Fonollera stated.

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