by Jennallyssa Marie A. Eligino

Deputy Editor of ABS-CBN News Digital, Tarra Quismundo, encouraged aspiring journalists of First City Providential College (FCPC) during the Journalism and Broadcasting Seminar on August 22.

“Journalism is not about your convenience. It’s about how you adjust and adapt. It’s an adventure if your heart is in it; if you’re an adventurer or outgoing. Sa kabila ng negative news, meron pa rin kayong positive outlook in life. It’s really important,” she said.

“I hope that from this batch, there would be journalists. Just embrace your calling… I really hope to see you someday in the beat, and maybe even in ABS-CBN ‘di ba?” she added.

The seminar was held at FCPC Star Hotel wherein campus journalists from high school and college students under Bachelor of Arts in Communication participated.

It was guided by the theme ‘Challenges and Opportunities of 21st Century Journalism and Broadcasting in a Mediatized World.’

The editor of the leading news company talked about the importance of journalism in the age of propaganda, fake news, and media bias.

“Journalism is important to filter out the trash,” Quismundo said.

She also emphasized how mainstream media is tagged as opposition to the administration and news with hidden agenda.

She clarified that it is not journalists’ job to manipulate the people but to bring the right information that could help in the ‘nation-building’.

She also noted that journalism is about service. According to her, being in the field takes a lot of courage an more so patience, diligence, determination, humility, sociability, and kindness.

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