FCPC is an active member of the BULPRISA (Bulacan Private Schools Association) and the CSanPRISA (City of San Jose del Monte Private Schools Association) – municipal and local organizations for private schools, respectively. The school is an active member of these associations, frequently engaging in academic, cultural, and sports competitions to foster camaraderie with other local schools, which FCPCians dominate – and in recent years, most notable of which are 2017 and 2018, which marks the year FCPC reaped numerous awards in various fields in the Association. This also shows that FCPC coaches and trainers are a cut above the rest, driving our champions to greater heights.

FCPCians champion for 10 years against other schools in the Academic and Cultural Competitions of the CSanPRISA, while “the Power Duo” also won the singing bout. In sports, the Royal Eagles Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Team are also consistent champions. FCPC Royal Eagles are also back-to-back champions in the SHS Division Basketball meet, and 3-peat champions in the JHS and City Division Meet of CSanPRISA. “The Power Duo” won again during the BulPRISA meet, as did the Royal Eagles when they fought for the Table Tennis singles and doubles category.

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