The journey of FCPC is a story of hard work, ingenuity, and an unrelenting drive for the betterment of society.

It is a story of change.

First City Providential College (FCPC), as a rapidly-expanding community college in the province of Bulacan, Philippines, can trace its roots back to humble beginnings. The early 80’s saw the Francisco Homes community ascend from the hills of Bulacan into the heart of industry and urbanization brought about by the rise of the city of San Jose del Monte into the modern world.

As the Francisco Homes area grew more and more populous, the need for basic services also grew with it. In 1984 by popular request from the community, our founder and President, Dr. Estrella O. Simon, found Francisco Homes Learning Center (FHLC) with her husband, Mr. Leonardo D. Simon, to serve the children of the community they called their home. The people laud the school for providing them with a well-deserved, inexpensive, and quality education previously not afforded to the residents. An initial enrollment of 350 students guided by 7 pioneering teachers was the first batch to walk its halls. FHLC expanded fast, and by its second year its student population swelled to over double its initial number.

This continuous growth merited its renaming to Francisco Homes Learning Academy (FHLA) in 1989 – five years after the school’s founding. Continuous positive feedback and popular support from the stakeholders – namely, parents, community residents, and local leaders – combined with the united determination and hard work of its leadership, faculty, and staff, FHLA continued expanding to higher levels of basic education services. By 2003, a Special Science Class was opened by Dr. Echel Simon-Antero as Principal of the Basic Education Department. College-level degree programs were opened in English, Mathematics, and the Physical Sciences fields. In conjunction with these changes, FHLA was given the name of Francisco Homes College (FHC) with Mr. Simon as President and Dr. Simon as Vice President for Academic Affairs.

As the school kept its community roots stout through the years, and as a testament to its expansion into an institution which is renowned all over San Jose del Monte, Bulacan’s first city, FHLA was again renamed into First City Providential College (FCPC) – its namesakes both the city and God’s all-loving grace for all creatures of the earth – in 2008.

Now decades in the making, with the massive support of the community at its back and strong pedigrees at its foundations, the future of First City Providential College remains and will ever be bright.

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