FCPC Baliktanaw is a versatile and diverse group of performers and artists, whose every artwork is a masterpiece. They are the bulwark of performance arts in San Jose del Monte, conquering stage after stage not only in the provice but even beyond. Be the beat genre folk, hip-hop, contemporary, or the painting or film in celluloid or pastel, FCPC Baliktanaw is the pride of our community.

Representing the province, region, and country, FCPC Baliktanaw’s trophies are reaped in the dozens. The group’s cultural troupe are four-time champions of the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA)’s National Cultural Dance Competition. They also won the DanceStar Folk Dance Category, Division Festival of Talents’ Bayle sa Kayle (streetdance), Tanglawan Festival’s Streetdance Competition, and Unang Republica Celebration, Dulansangan.

FCPC Baliktanaw’s hip-hop crew are hailed champions of the Domination Philippines Qualifier, Manila 2018, Battlegrounds Philippines Qualifier 2018, NCCA Sayaw Pinoy National Dance Competition 2018. Their bid in the Pocari Sweat Dance Nation PH saw them win as the national champions.

The entire FCPC family is overjoyed by FCPC Baliktanaw’s win in the prestigious World of Dance Philippines – which will see the group represent the nation in the United States!

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