Lifelong Learning for God, country and Humanity

  • 100% Passing Rate Licensure Examination for Teachers
  • 100% Passing Rate Nurses Licensure Examination
  • High-Performing School in NCAE
  • Consistent Champion in Bulacan Private School Association (BULPRISA)
  • Over-All Champion in Private Schools Association-City of San Jose del Monte (CSANPRISA)


Education is the preparation of a whole man for life here and hereafter. Therefore, all men have an inalienable right to an education that is keeping with their ultimate goals, their abilities and culture and tradition of their country, and also to an education in harmony with their deeds with other people in fostering true unity and peace on earth.  

FCPCian's Creed

  •  I am a true FCPCian
    I carry the name of my dear school
    First City Providential College
    I live up to its ideals
    I have the duty and responsibility
    To think, act and live as:

    G odloving
    I ntelligent
    D isciplined
    C reative
    P roductive and
    N ationalistic

    Anywhere, anytime and always in my life…

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