by: Von Dominiq D. Baña

20th September 2019 ⁠— our school conducted an off-campus marketing campaign, promoting the school and the programs offered.

I was one of the students who joined the said activity to encourage learners in San Jose del Monte City on why should they choose First City Providential College as their school for college.

Why not? Our school offers quality education with affordable tuition, has eleven (11) programs accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) and is currently on its way in becoming a university, is well-known on the local and national stage with the FCPC Baliktanaw Performing Arts leading the way, on-point professional competency seminars, orientations, trainings and workshops, and, hassle-free travel time.

Initially, I was supposed to promote only my college department, College of Business Management, but when we arrived at [Headwaters College], we needed to catch the attention of the Grade 12 students, something that can pique their interest and even though we had different marketing strategies planned and materials that we’re going to utilize such as audio-visual presentations, slideshows, zines and testaments on why should they be a part of the growing family of FCPC, it still lacks that something

Then, I remembered our school’s theme for this academic year…

“FCPC Pressing on Challenges of Diversity and Internationalization.”

That something was the internationalization programs offered at FCPC.

Our institution has opened the “door of opportunity” to First Citizens and San Joseños access for internationalization programs since 2007, with the help of our global partner, IAESTE Philippines.

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience or IAESTE is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organization, and a partner of FCPC in achieving international excellence.

Since 2007, IAESTE and FCPC have been working hand-in-hand in attaining international excellence by sending faculty members and students overseas for seminars and training that can help FCPC in becoming a world-class institution for learning, and in accommodating foreign exchange students by enhancing their technical skills while interacting with people who have a different cultural orientation. FCPC has already accommodated seven (7) foreign exchange students; namely, Issaree Premsiriworakul from Thailand, Melina Mehlmann from Germany, Thuy Tu Le from Vietnam, Umar Javed from Pakistan, Lenka Vatrsková from Czechoslovakia and Hisham Abd Alhai from Jordan.

As FCPC aims to foster growth and development of the academe and the national industry at large, as well as promote camaraderie and friendship with people around the world, FCPC, and IAESTE Philippines decided to establish a local chapter with the hopes of sending more First Citizens to other countries.

The dreams of FCPC and IAESTE Philippines came true to life! This 18th of September 2019, an IAESTE Local Committee was established, the VERY FIRST established Local Committee of IAESTE here in the Philippines; certainly, an innovation towards cultural competence and internationalization.

Time and opportunities have allowed me not only to dream but to do it with a mission. My adventurous self has opened a lot of opportunities and to do things with a mission – to have established guidelines and learned cultural information from shared knowledge and love of adventures with collective hearts and minds that collaborate in facing challenges of diversity and internationalization.

As young leaders of the 21st century, we should start involving ourselves to the “NOW”, of what matters, issues that need our attention – issues in personal growth, diversity, global networking, intercultural friendship, and cooperation – that should be our shared mission to achieve everyone’s dream.

To all First Citizens, join me and the rest of the IAESTE Local Committee to step up and stand out with this great opportunity given by our dear Alma Mater and our global partner. And to everyone, we are more than eager to assist you in this new chapter by becoming a part of the growing family of FCPC and IAESTE.

Our dreams don’t start with a snap of a finger, it begins with the willingness to do it, to go for it and to continuously work for it; therefore, as leaders of the 21st century, we must motivate each other spread the shared knowledge and be inspired by the works of IAESTE and our dear alma mater, FCPC and to be true to our humble duty.

“Preparation is the KEY in an increasingly diverse world.”

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