First City Providential College shall be a world-class university for lifelong learning.


FCPC shall:

1. offer relevant and multidisciplinary academic programs to produce lifelong learners who are globally competitive and socially responsible professionals;

2. produce viable researches for local and international publication and utilization;

3. implement collaborative and sustainable community extension services.

GOALS & Objectives

1. Produce globally competitive graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and values that uphold the integrity and ethical standards of the profession;

2. Offer curricular programs responsive to the changing needs of the society;

3. Promote academic and moral excellence for the total development of man;

4. Optimize learning through effective delivery of instruction, efficient utilization of facilities and resources, competent and dynamic faculty that provide an environment conducive to learning;

5. Provide efficient student services for the holistic development of the academic community;

6. Develop a functional research program for national development;

7. Enhance the institution’s research productivity in the areas of instruction, student services and community extension programs;

8. Utilize research outputs to meet the needs of the institution and the community;

9. Produce innovative researches in the fields of Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Social Sciences,

Education, Arts and Business Management for economic and societal development;

10. Institutionalize sustainable community extension services for the development of the society;

11. Promote active participation in the development of outreach program services based on the assessed needs in the community; and

12. Foster collaboration with the government & non- government organizations.


Faith in God

FCPCians are lifelong learners for God, country and humanity

FCPCian's Creed

I am a true FCPCian
I carry the name of my dear school,
First City Providential College
I live up to its ideals
I have the duty and responsibility
to think, act and live with

Faith in God

Anywhere, anytime and always in my life

FCPC Loyalty Hymn

First City Providential College
Fair fountain of light
Your children humbly offer thee
Our hearts sincerest thanks

An ordinary coal
Rising calmly from storms of change
Thou gently purge to precious gem
By providence loving hand

To this beacon
Be our loyalty
Let this be our song of fealty
Though how long and far we soar
Your mem’rys flames linger on

We will sail to
Bright destinies
Though perilous this stormy sea
Singing with the anvil hymn
Our voices proudly cheer
F-C-P-Cians! F-C-P-Cians
Ever learning
Ever onward to noblest dream

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